We're THE full-service MARINE MECHANIC SOLUTION serving the upper florida keys.


Outboard Engine Repair


Engine wont' start? Overheating? Vibrations?

Your engine won't start or it's overheating? You're experiencing strange vibrations or your engine is cutting out? No problem. Or, maybe you just need your regularly scheduled service or you're interested in new or upgraded electronics? We've got you.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

Miller Marine, Inc. is an all purpose, mobile marine mechanic company proudly serving the upper Florida keys. We provide the following services:

* new engine installation (repower);

* outboard engine repair;

* rewiring;

* electronics installation and upgrade;

* rigging;

* trolling motor installation;

​* shallow water anchor installation;

​* regularly and annually scheduled services.

Tired of your day on the water turning into a day on land? We offer Preventative Maintenance Plans to help preserve and restore your vessel and its internal systems. Our ultimate goal is to replace worn components before they actually fail, thereby avoiding total system failure (and don't forget those expensive towing bills). This will not only save your day on the water, but also your wallet.

We also offer preventative maintenance plans!

Electronics Installation and Upgrade


Are you lacking a GPS, or maybe just bored with your current setup?

Regular and Annual Service


Are you due for your 100 hr?

Custom Rewiring


Are you in need of custom rewiring?

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